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Big Shout Out!

A big congratulations to Ronald Bernal, Soyla Espinoza, Tyrone Frank, Larryetta Santos, Sterling Sonny, Moristo Toro, and Jordan Zepeda for completing courses in Edgenuity! You are what makes Indian Oasis Middle and High School great!


Teachers are taking attendance on a daily basis. When students log into their teacher's Google Meets classroom, they're marked as present. Students are required to follow the virtual rotation schedule below and rotate accordingly.

Digital Tips

Please make note of these great digital tips! 

  • Arrive on time to each rotation
  • Charge your device and be ready to go
  • Find a quiet place to work with little to no distraction
  • Upon logging in, mute your device
  • Type into the chat if you have any questions or concerns
  • Take your five-minute breaks in between each rotation